My Latest Mural Graffiti – The Entire Online Casino Office Building (where I work)

My office building graffiti

Graffiti is an unappreciated art. Sometimes, we need to look beyond the trespassing and appreciate the work of art. Growing up as a child, I always seemed like an awkward one. I was never really into playing football, but would rather stay back and work on my artistic skills.

I did not have the guts to follow other graffiti artists to abandoned buildings at first as I was afraid of getting into trouble with the authorities. Well, that is if my family did not kill me if they found out that I had started doing such.

The Graffiti Journey

my train graffiti

It was not long before I started sneaking out with a group of guys whose favourite graffiti spot was an abandoned train station. I really can’t remember where I developed the confidence to keep going. Maybe it was due to the fact that we did not get caught after my first trip.

I was not really into school but my mother ensured that got perfect attendance. This did not stop me from pursuing my graffiti urges as I would always find time after school to join my friends at our favorite graffiti spots.

We soon moved from our favorite train station to other abandoned train stations as well as abandoned housing complexes. I love graffiti and it was obvious that I put more efforts into my paintings than I did my school work. Most of my paintings were usually the most admired as I always put my heart into my stories.

Delving Into Graphics Designing

I use photoshop

Although graffiti is an art and a beautiful one at that, it was illegal. I knew it was not long before I ran into trouble with the authorities. So, during my journey, I had to figure out a way to do what I loved without getting into trouble.

After graduating from high school, I made up my mind to learn about computer graphics. It was a logical decision considering that I love arts and I love computers as well. My time in college was tough. This is still down to the fact that I did not really have a passion for school. However, I was able to pull through, thanks to my knowledge of computers and my passion for arts. For the records, I graduated with the best grades in my class.

Working at an iGaming Software Development Company

my colleagues when i worked in the Isle of Man

After graduation, I knew I had to get a job. It was not long before I got to find out about igaming industry. A friend of mine worked as a casino jurisdictions analyst at a website called As we all know, the online casino industry is booming and it is very competitive. This places a burden on online casinos to be creative is they want to be competitive on the market and keep their customers.

Online casinos have to turn to designers like me for ideas. I saw the job ad of a popular software developer online and applied for the job. That was a couple of years ago. I have since grown my career as I am now the leading graphic designer in the company I work for.

This is just a short summary of my journey. This is my own means of reaching out to other graffiti artists. You can make it big if you follow the right channels. The world needs our creativity.