Is Live Casino the Future of Online Gambling?

Technological advancements, especially in the digital space, have seen many brick-and-mortar systems go online and live. One of the most prominent examples of this is casinos, as players now prefer playing live casino games on live casinos like Betiton to their physical counterparts or the simple online options. The current trend has kept many wondering: are live casinos the future of online gambling? On one side, many would confidently answer, “Yes”. However, on the other side, there are a few things to consider. Let’s get right into it.

live casino future of gambling

What Makes Live Casino Different to Online Casino Games?

Don’t get it twisted, live casinos differ significantly from online casino games. The latter are probably what most players have experienced in the past. They operate systems where there is no human element at play, hence everything is done by the computer. However, live casino games are much closer to the real thing.

They connect players from all around the world virtually through the internet. Therefore, you have a human dealer and players who are also playing on the table. Here is a detailed rundown of some differences between online and live casinos:

You Can Play with Real Dealers

Live casinos do not just allow you to access a variety of games all controlled by a computer, instead, they connect you with deal dealers. This means you can play with other humans like yourself, and even interact with them during the game. Having this feature creates a unique and more thrilling experience for all players.

Playing with real dealers also means you are betting against other humans, a system that many find more realistic compared to betting against a computer in online casino games.

You’ll Be Enjoying an Immersive Casino Experience

Live casinos are more realistically closer to the real casino experience than online casino games. The atmosphere, gaming modes, and engagements are completely different and mimic that of a real brick and mortar casino. Live casinos usually make use of strategically positioned HD cameras that shows all angles of the floor and eliminate any suspicions of foul play or mistrust of the dealer.

Live casinos also allow you to go through the outcomes of games thoroughly, like watching the ball spin at close range for roulette, taking an ultra HD look at your cards in Blackjack, and more. You can even decide to watch the replay of the outcome of a game for the fun of it or to clear your suspicions. Their transparency is really unmatched, hence players trust them easily.

You Can Chat with the Dealers & Other Punters at the Table

Another awesome feature of live casinos is the fact that it supports easy interactions. You can interact with other players and the dealer, through an amazing interface that seamlessly blends with the live stream of the casino floor. The interface is designed in such a way that it is can be easily understood and used by players looking to meet other players or ask questions.

You Can Enjoy a Number of Special Variants

Although online casino games still have the edge when it comes to the diversity of games, that is starting to change very quickly. Live casinos usually stick to the most popular online games because of their high operating cost. This includes games like Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. However, things are starting to look different as dealers are creating special variants for each game. Evolution Gaming is leading the charge on this front and in no time, we could see things change drastically.


Here is a summary for better understanding.

Live casinoOnline casino
You can play with real dealers from all over the country.You only have the option of playing against the computer system.
The immersive live casino setting creates a more fun experience for players.Online casinos often run with predesigned environments that easily become repetitive and boring.
You can chat with dealers and other punters on the table watching the game. This creates a sense of belonging as if you are in a physical casino.Online casinos do not offer such an option, but rather a fixed interactive AI that is limited to certain questions about the game.
You have access to play special variants of live casino games. Some of them include 2 player modes that allow you to play with friends and interact with them while at it.Online casino games have a vast amount of games with different varieties. However, the games are fixed, preprogrammed, and do not support player interaction and cooperation like live casinos.

Thoughts About the Future of Live Casino

The future of online gambling is certainly live casino gaming. Although online casinos boast far more number of games than live casinos at the moment, the fact that it lacks human elements makes it less preferable for so many players. The thrill and interactive experience of live casino games are unmatched and closest to the brick and mortar players love so much.

This is the strongest reason why many players are flocking towards live games and unless online casinos can offer something similar or even better, live casinos games are certainly the future of online gambling.