A Casino with Poor Graphics is One That Will Not Last Long at All

Online casinos are now more popular than land-based ones, there is no need to debate this. When creating an online casino there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration. One very important thing is the graphics of the site (and the graphics of the games) and we shall now take a much closer look at why this is the case.

The Design of An Online Casino Versus Land-Based Casino Interiors

It is no secret that a beautiful website will attract more visitors than an ugly looking one. An online casino is designed to mimic a land-based casino as the design has certain psychological features. For instance, you will not see a single clock at a brick and mortar casino as this encourages players to play more as they are not constantly being reminded of the time.

Furthermore, the floor plans are set out in such a way to bring visitors back to the tables no matter where they are actually trying to get to. The best casinos in the world are glamorous, but they make their visitors feel stress-free and comfortable throughout the stay.

Studies that analyze how the interior of a casino can influence gamblers found that the majority of gamblers do not care about how much money they lose when they are surrounded by luxury furniture. This was a strategy that was somewhat implemented by online casino owners. It can only be used somewhat because a land-based casino can draw on all five sense, but an online casino can only really draw on sound and sight.

The Needs of an Online Casino Gambler

The needs of an online casino gambler are actually quite a bit different from the needs of a land-based casino gambler. For example, many of those who play at online casinos care less for social interactions. Therefore, online casino owners make sure that their sites focus mostly on the gaming experience and not the social element.

If you look at the majority of online casinos, then you will see that slot games and the table games are enshroud in a dark theme. Adding jackpot sound effects will give a player the urge to start gambling. However, the demands of online casino players are always changing, so casino owners have to keep up with the times so that they can ensure that they are able to offer what their customers want.

The Importance of Color Diversity

A successful online casino will make use of a variety of shades of color for the primary domain and monochrome colors for other features of their site. For instance, the slots category can be highlighted with bright colors as it has popular games and draws in the most players. Then, for example, the slot game with the best payout can have a monochrome design along with blinking lights to attract attention. The color schemes will vary from site to site, but the strategy will always remain the same.

Colors Are Chosen Based on Psychology

The colors that an online casino chooses are based on psychology, so it is no surprise that we often come across red, orange, and purple at online casinos. Red is known to stimulate excitement, orange is known to increase attention and enthusiasm, while purple is known to stimulate mystery and wealth.

Furthermore, our brains are stimulated by bright colors – they help to improve our attention and short-term memory. Online casino owners will use light colors to emphasize specific games, bonuses, and payouts.

The Importance of High Resolutions

When we visit online casinos, we expect nothing but outstanding images, top quality animations and videos, and an overall quality layout.

The resolution that is available can tell you quite a lot about the online casino that you are at. For instance, high resolution images that do not lose their quality when the page loads is a clear sign that the online casino you are at has invested in software and design. This will mean that visitors will consider this online casino to be a professional one.

The online gambling world is extremely competitive one, so it is important that an online casino gains the trust of their visitors as quickly as possible.  Quality resolution goes a long way to gaining trust.

Bonuses and Sound Effects

Everyone who has been in the online casino world long enough knows that players love to receive bonuses. Whether it is free spins, bonus games, or bonus features, players just love the opportunity to improve their chances of winning.

Linking sound effects to bonuses can go a long way to improving a player’s gaming experience and ensuring that they come back in the future. For instance, if a cheering sound effect is attached to a bonus, it will increase the excitement levels. Once the bonus ends, the player will remember the sound, meaning that they will remember the bonus and the game, which means that there is a higher chance that the player will return to play.

Games and Design

There is more to the design of an online casino than graphics and color schemes. The placement of the different games that are available also matters. Every single online casino comes equipped with a lobby and placing specific games in the lobby can go a long way to attracting the attention of passersby.  They will stick games here that they know will attract the eye.

Having a slideshow that shows a list of people that have won big money prizes or shows the overall winnings that can be made is another great idea as it stimulates the competitive nature of players. People who gamble love motivation and a slideshow with previous winners on it is huge motivation.

The Graphics at Gate 777 Casino

Gate 777 Casino is another online casino that is highly recommended for those living in New Zealand and in search of a great online casino to join. They are so popular because they have a great variety of games (you can see some of their best below), the Welcome Bonus is very enticing, there are many different banking options, and they have very solid customer support.

But what about the graphics that they use? Well, when you first visit their page you will be met by fantastic 3D graphics that jump out at you. When you scroll down the homepage, you will be met by an array of different colors as they highlight their latest slot arrivals. This casino has only been around for two years, but it is very obvious that they know what they are doing, especially when it comes to the graphic design of their site.

All of the slot games that you will find at Gate 777 Casino also have outstanding graphics. For example, if you are after great Egyptian themed slots then we highly recommend that you try Dawn of Egypt™ by Play’n Go or Book of the Sphinx™ by IGT. IF Viking themed slots are more of your thing, then you cannot go wrong with Valhalla™ by Bet Digital or Viking Hoard™ by Core Gaming. If you are playing here at Christmas time, then Fat Santa™ by Push Gaming and Xmas Magic™ by Play’n Go are well worth a try.

Whatever theme you are looking for, you can be certain that you will be able to find great slots with great graphics relating to that theme at Gate 777 casino